Another New Background!

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I haven’t posted a new background in some time, so0o0o here ya go.  This is still me messing with this tilt shift method so its not perfected but still cool. Matt and I were in IKEA today looking at all the elaborate rugs and I was thinking of how colorful and decorative they were and I kinda tried to depict that in the NOM logo on this one.  Also, I was sitting in my history of graphic design class on thursday and the teacher mentioned something about the “european” way of thinking about being a graphic designer…for them it’s not broken down into categories, it is an overall sense of solving problems.  There is no particular field for them, they design it all from architecture, stained glass, furniture, posters, advertisements, everything under the sun.  There are no constraints, every project is just an opportunity to solve a problem in a different way.  And that is what I had in mind while making this. Hope you enjoy it. (you can just right click and “set desktop picture” or download it to your desktop, it’ll fit in any size screen.)


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