Montana Background

February 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here’s another background for everyone…I am super pumped about this one.  So my mom has been sorting out a bunch of old pictures that she found in her room and she came across a bunch of pictures that my dad took in Montana or somewhere out west.  Needless to say I nabbed these awesome looking photos as soon as I saw them. They are very small pictures of beautiful mountains, lakes and whatnot…in every picture the colors are just awesome.  Matt scanned them in for me today and I went to work on them and tried to make a new interesting background.  I also threw the tagline…”See and be seen” in there because that statement can be so ambiguous.  I thought of it as…We need to get out and explore the world, look at art, the sky, or whatever and just take ALL of it in and in doing this you can come up with ideas or get inspired to create something and eventually you will be seen/ people will be looking at your art, you will be what they are seeing. It’s a never ending cycle of inspiration.


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