Work Slowly. Strive for Perfection

March 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted something original in some time, hahah I feel like i’ve been falling off of the boat with personal work.  I’ve been incredibly slammed (pogs style) with work and school lately.  I waited until my senior year to take all my gen. ed. classes and its KILLING me.  (word of the wise…take that shit your freshman year!) Anyway, my sophomore year at Rowan I had to make a book about a typeface, and I was randomly selected to do baskerville.  Now baskerville isn’t a font that I would have chosen on my own but I am so grateful that I was forced to do something that wasn’t the norm for me.  The down side to this is that I have NO IDEA where this file and/or the actual book went, so I don’t know what the rest of the book looks like it only lives as a great memory. And you know how it is when you remember something from your childhood it seems MUCH cooler than it actually is, I was hoping that it wouldn’t be the case for this piece.  I found this ONE spread under a bunch of papers in my printmaking drawer the other day and I was just so pumped.  This was my 2nd favorite spread of the whole book and it held up to my high expectations of it.  And what better phrase for right now during this hectic nonsense…”Work Slowly. Strive for Perfection.”  I thought the bottom picture was ironic because I was taking the picture just so I could crop the spread and put them together, but then I realized that in the midst of all this clutter upon my desk that the two pages stood out so much.  I need to slow down.  So for everyone out there that is dealing with midterms, or work, or just the extra stresses of life, just take a second and breathe…work towards perfection.


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