NomNow/PRIIMUUA Pattern Wheatpaste

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been talking about wheat pasting for over a year now and now I finally have something under my belt. This is a revamped space pattern NOMNOW co-lab piece with my friend PRIIMUUA cuz without this kid I wouldn’t have the balls to be out there doing it. Like I had mentioned before I was all talk about this wheat pasting stuff and I realized that I needed to get out and just DO what I had been dreaming of. It was quite the process going out and getting all the right supplies to get these things up and out but the end result paid off. Within an hour I was already getting texts about the post in Glassboro and let me just say I have never had a feeling like this before. After the post in Glassboro, we went out to Philly to hit up a street that I had wanting to post on for SOOOO long (the street that connects S Columbus Blvd.(Morris St.) to I-95 because of the high traffic flow) and man this one was quite the rush, 3 guys putting up 3 posters, felt too good man, so if you’re about to get on 95 near the Walt Whitman make sure you peep this! Also, I just wanted to say thanks for everyone that came out and helped out in anyway possible today. Moral of the story is, if you want to do something, go to google figure out how to do it , get your ass in gear, and GO DO IT. Make a change.


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