Happy Birthday Lauren

June 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

I noticed that I always say that “I thew this little piece together” at the beginning of almost all my posts, but there is nothing little about this. This is a 4′ x 8′ piece that I put together for Lauren’s birthday. She has been nothing but a hugeee help for the past few months, she is always down to come out and look out or help me in any way that she can and I really couldn’t think of a better way to thank her then by making a piece specifically for her. She told me awhile back that she had no art on her walls, this kinda made me sad but at the same time it sparked the interest that I could make something for her to solve that problem…and here it is.

I was really excited to make the background for this piece and it proved to be very challenging to make the glyphs interact and feel right, but after a few hours of tinkering I felt that it paid off. The NOM in the middle is the same one that we put up on I-95 just with a cool bluish-green color instead of grey. Also, Matt posted his Rotten Pampers piece awhile back and used the typeface Adobe Caslon Pro and it opened my eyes to the glorious world of it’s beautiful glyphs. (So if you’re a type nerd and you’re looking for an amazingly elegant font Caslon is a perfect fit!)

So Happy Birthday Lauren.


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