Perception is Reality

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is a piece that Matt and I colab-ed on for our pal Oscar. He’s going to be moving on to Savannah, GA soon to go to SCAD, and we wanted to give him something to remember us by.

Oscar has been a great mentor and friend to the both of us. He has taught me everything I know about advertising and the people in it. He uses this phrase (Perception is Reality) to describe how people work BUT recently I have noticed that it comes into play more than just in a work scenario. This saying can reach across anything anyone does. People’s expectations rely on smoke and mirrors, I’m pretty sure there is a Seinfeld episode where George locks his keys in his car (or something like that) and so as a result his car is always there before his boss arrives and after he leaves, making him believe that George is in the office 24/7 working away, when in reality he is going on vacation or something like that. That’s the whole gist behind this “perception is reality” thing, people believe what they see and if you make it seem like you are working hard people will believe you are….even if you’re not.

There is also another quote in the piece from Pablo Picasso, “Everything you can imagine is real” and this was to give the piece a more positive spin. I feel that it really tied to the Nom Now aspect of things because Nom is something that was started from the ground, up and it goes to show we set out to make something that would inspire as many people as possible and now we’ve gotten so much good feedback and support from everyone that it has become real. It’s been a great ride so far with nothing but help from great people and great friends. I hope that we can do stuff like this for a long time to come and I hope you all enjoy listening to me get real lovey dovey in every post, but seriously, thanks.


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