Power In Numbers Art Show

July 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

The Power in Numbers show was last night and it was a really great time people we’re flowing in and out all night long. At one point there was a massive amount of kids just drawing stickers on the floor and doing gigantic collab’s with their fellow Philly Street Kings. It was so cool to see this world that I never knew existed in full swing.

When I caught wind that we were going to be doing a few pastes for the show the idea popped into my head that I wanted to do something that everyone could get a hand on, something that would get everyone from the big boys to the new guys involved. I had the idea to make a piece strictly for the show. It was placed right at the front door so whoever came in could slap a few stickers on or maybe even draw their own right on the wood. As soon as I walked up the stairs there were already a few pieces from the ever popular Buildmore and UWP on there so I was pretty pumped that those guys were into the idea. As the night went on I took pictures every now and then of how the piece was coming along and It ended up being a beautiful piece with some huge names involved, so thanks to all you guys for putting your stuff up on there. It will be on display at Overkill Studio’s for about a month if you want to go add a sticker or something like that. I will be scouting out places to go install it so if anyone has any ideas as to where I could put it, give me a holler and I’ll check it out.

Also, very important, THANKS! to all the friends that came out and showed their support last night it really means a lot to me and everyone else involved with nom now. It’s our pleasure to create great stuff for such great people, you deserve it! Thank you, Thank you.

PS: Our NEXT show is going to be on July 30th at Vesuvio’s Bar located at 8th and Fitzwater and I am smelling some AMAZING collaborations with some AMAZING artists. Request off now. Please.


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