Wheatpasting weekends: Brought to you from…my basement.

July 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wellllll I keep saying it over and over again but this is another piece for our show that is coming up and instead of showing ya’ll EVERYTHING I have I figured I’d try to spark a little curiosity up in those noggins. I took a note RIGHT out of Shepard Fairey’s book with this one. I had been working on a few patterns recently and I wanted to use them in something and, finally, the opportunity arose. I had the idea for this piece about a week ago when I was at the beach and so I called on Matt to also make a pattern that way we could have two different stlyes goin on at the same time. He sent me over a “fly” pattern which I thought laid perfectly next to the one I had designed earlier. All-in-all I did some tearing and some gluing and some cursing and some more tearing but I think it turned out very nicely…so come to the show on the 30th look at some gnarly art.

AND, I actually spent some time in the studio with Nick on friday and ran a bunch of “split fountain” NOM NOW logos and there are some pretty awesome color mash ups in there, so0o0o the first 24 peeps to get to the show can scoop some of those puppies, and don’t be afraid to dig through for the gems there are some really sick ones.

Also, I went to the beach today, I got to nab some cool photos of sail boats, I figured I’d toss it up on here because it turned out pretty cool and funny enough I was sitting with my pal Noah and I hear a splat! and I look to my left and a gull just totally did the deed ALL over his library book while he was reading it, after about 5-7 minutes of uncontrollable laughter I snapped a photo of that too. Check em out below.


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