Wheatpasting Weekends: Oh, Honey.

July 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

This wheatpasting weekend was a special one!

1. Conrad From Prequency/PhilthyBlog came out and filmed it being put up and asked us a few questions about Nom Now (the video will be up soon and I’m sure that I will link ya’ll up!)

2. We were actually given permission to do the deed to this wall.

3. If felt very good to go back out in the street and get me away from my computer since I’ve been spending so much time getting things together for the show. (which is THIS FRIDAY!)

4. Teamwork was ON POINT today.

5. I think it was the hottest that it has ever been this entire summer and I chose to wear long sleeves.

6. A nice girl brought us the most BANGIN iced tea! It was lemon yet minty goodness. Thanks Again!

7. This is my 1st official post as mikesmith187.com, I officially purchased the domain this morning and I am pretty, pretty excited for no good reason. (no more of that “dot-wordpress” mouthful)

Many of you have seen the HELP poster that I made awhile back, the main focus here is to get people to take note of how Philthy (get it?) Philadelphia is becoming and that if you just take the second to bend down and pick up a little somethin’, you could be taking that one little step to helping give the city a much needed facelift. It was exciting to do something where we had time and we weren’t looking over our shoulder the whole time, we got to relax, dance, and actually think about where we wanted to place certain elements. I started doing some tearing to give it another layer and make it a bit more interesting. I would see Shep doing it in some of his pieces and it really just floored me how everything can interact and still send a perfectly clear message.

If you’re out by 4th and Reno (right next to Honey’s) pop by and check out this piece it will be up for a long while as long as no one decides to tear it down. ALSO side note there are some AWESOME other artists on these panels so if you don’t want to go out to see mine definitely go to see theirs. There are some AMAZING (looks like woodblock/linoleum) prints of skulls and such, a beautiful collage of the most colorful/trippy thing that I have ever seen, and then a whole wall of those dancing dudes (I know him as 10 fingers I dunno if that’s the correct name or not but…) some really radical stuff and the guy that owns the building said that there are more to come, so that’s very exciting to be part of something so important to the street art scene.


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