Wheatpasting Weekends, we’re making time.

August 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since we actually went out and did some stuff without any preplanning but today was such a beautiful day it felt so nice to stroll around the city and do whatever.

We went to the NoseGo show last night at The Last Drop Coffee House and it was BANGIN’. They had a raffle for a HUGE stuffed NoseGo guy, which was very awesome. There were a lot of people flowing in and out of the shop, and it was an amazing night weather wise, so, I didn’t mind standing out front for some time. I ended up talking to a few people, and in the midst of just shooting the shit, some one overheard me say that we wheatpaste and he asked if we would help him out with putting up some of the Making Time Pool Party Posters. So we threw up a few here and there and all-in-all it was a good time, just strollin’ and crusin’ around lolly-gagin’.

We got to put up our “Conserve” piece mid way through the day, on Frankford and Wildey, right now there’s some heavy construction going on in that area but when it opens up make sure you drive on by and point to it and say, “I know who made that” haha jk, do what you want. But we got to peep a few other places out which was good, that way we can plan a little somethin’ somethin’ and not just drive around the city lookin’ for half decent spots.


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