A Good Idea: The Mobile Food Pantry

August 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m not going to try to mess the description of this up with terrible wording and shitty punctation so i’ll just copy and paste directly from the website.

“It may look like a truck. And it may run like a truck. But the 18-wheel, 400 square foot tractor-trailer is more than the sum of its parts; it’s a vehicle for long-lasting social change. The Mobile Food Pantry will hold 45,000 pounds of food, distributing fresh produce and non-perishable products to some of South Jersey’s hardest hit low-income areas. Traveling to under-served markets in four counties, the Mobile Food Pantry will also feature chefs and nutritionists to run cooking classes, coordinators to assist with food stamp applications, and surplus fruits and vegetables from South Jersey farmers to reach people with limited access to supermarkets. This grant will help outfit the truck with equipment necessary for wider distribution, networking, and education, helping to enact long lasting social change where it’s needed most.”

Basically, this is a really awesome idea and I wanted to do anything I could do to help out so when I was asked if I could do this I wanted to jump right on it and make something that would spread the word out about such a great idea. This Mobile Food Pantry will genuinely help people that need it desperately. It’s all about spreading knowledge and compassion, these people are not in these situations because they want to be, they have just run out of options and need some guidance to get back on track.

I felt like nothing could have been more perfect for the whole Nom Now side of this, this is a chance for you to make a difference in the “now“.  By getting involved in something like this you can change someones life forever. There can not be a better feeling than that; it is “change” in the most pure sense of the word.

Okay so for a quick description of the piece, I wanted to make something simple/powerful and to be honest I really struggled with ideas, my boy Matt Goold really helped me pull this one together. So, as most of you know I am ALL about the circles, because they are never ending and can represent sooo much, in this case I was going for the “what goes around comes around” vibe, these people are helping out of the kindness of their hearts and hopefully the knowledge that they share gets passed along and really starts to make a difference in the communities that they are reaching out to. The circle also has the road lines in them to represent the fact that it is a traveling effort, at the ends of the lines are 4 arrows which represent the 4 under privileged counties that they will be heading to. Then, at the bottom, we have the name of the idea and the tagline “Make it Better” which basically means if you don’t like the way that something is going, it’s as simple as this, Make it Better. (I plan on making a strictly Nom Now poster for this phrase also, so expect that soon)

So please, Take a minute and click VOTE FOR THIS IDEA, you can change someone’s tomorrow, don’t pass it up.


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