Wheat Pasting Weekends: All I Do Is Win.

August 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

A few weeks ago we were strollin’ around and ended up putting a show flyer on this old KFC on (kinda) Front & Girard. I took a mental note that I wanted to come back to this building and do something on it. I finally had the time and supplies to hit this spot up but if I have to name one flaw of mine, it is my memory. I could not find this place for the life of me! It came down to me having to go to the Kung Fu Necktie and retrace my steps from 2 weeks ago. Needless to say I found the spot and hit it up.

When we got there a random citizen decided to tell me that I was not an artist and that I will never be until I get over the contradictory aspect of my art, he then proceded to tell me that his dog was a true artist and that he creates “sculptures” everyday. Besides that guys comments it went very well and I am super pleased with this location. If you are around the Northern Libs/Fishtown/Kung fu Necktie/Girard Area, pop by and check it out, shoot me a text or picture message or something and I’ll be forever pleased!

Our buddy NoseGo asked us to see if we could throw something together for a 3-d glasses show coming up next friday! So, hopefully, we can all find the time to throw something together for our pal, it should be tons of fun, and speaking of tons of fun. I went to the Printers/Lovers/Haters show and picked up a stickerpaper box screen printed by JP Flexner of NoDivision and let me tell you, I could NOT be more pumped, I’ll put it together and post pictures tomorrow sometime. All the dudes were super cool and the food was DELICIOUS and free coffee, good times on the reg to the fullest extent. The summer is almost over and I just want to take the second to thank everyone that has supported us and helped us muster up the courage to get into this art scene and what not. I will never forget this summer and can’t thank you all enough. Thanks!


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  • damonabnormal says:

    tight man. thats my street right there… now if you could just paste across from my house…. (ahem) all would be awesome(r)!

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