Wheatpasting Weekends: Frank on Frankford.

August 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

It was another beautiful saturday out there in Fishtown/Northern Liberties. I put up a piece (that wasnt mine) at the Barbary a few weeks back and definitely wanted to go back and hit this spot up and also I dove by that bookstore that is right on the same road a few blocks down and needed to get a read poster up there.

I haven’t put up the big logo in awhile and I kinda forgot how big it was haha and ended up using a lot of paste to put it up, but it turned out pretty cool, so if you’re out at the Barbary for anything make sure you take a peek at it, you really can’t miss it though. I’m sure it will be covered or ripped down within the week BUT you’re in luck, you can go right down the street and see the other piece I put up.

I walked into the Bookstore there on Frankford and I already forget the name, but it was so cool! So many old books and a baby grand piano tucked away in there. It smelled like old books and it was just really comforting for some reason. I found the guy who owned the place and asked if I could toss up the Read poster and he was more than down even before I showed him the poster, so that was kind of exciting. I’m pretty happy with the placement and I feel like it will last awhile there as long as no one decides to take it down.


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