Studio Sunday.

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

I spent another 8 hours in the studio today and barely got half of what I wanted to get done actually done, but I did make some progress. Like I had mentioned before, screen printing is something that I really have to work for. I always end up fucking something up or whatever but I’m learning to get patient, aka accept my flawed style. I have to embrace the craft and realize that they way it is on the screen isn’t completely how it’s going to turn out on the paper. It also doesn’t help that I JUST realized that the screen I have been using has some permanently dried emulsion in it, so that spot ended up showing up on all of my prints, really awesome, but I don’t mind it that much in these pieces. Well, you live and you learn, maybe a nice new screen will be on the christmas list!

I had mentioned some things about our show coming up at masthead gallery, and these are some pieces of the work that is going in it. The show is called Public School: A Lesson in Collaboration and, as you guessed, it’s all about collaborations, like I had mentioned before, we’re working with Robb Leef on some interesting word mash ups. I’ll leave it at that you all will have to come out and check it out for yourselves, or wait ’til I blog about it the day after. Either way.

I got an e-mail from Robb over the weekend asking to put another piece together for the show so I sat and stared at the computer for a few hours and then started working on this silhouette piece. I posted the little banner that I made for the show a little while back and I kinda had no idea what I was going to do with it until this, then it seemed to fit right in with this piece. I wanted it to be as if the kid was thinking of this collaboration and being brainwashed into wanting to go to this show.  My main inspiration with this piece and a lot of other pieces lately, comes from the artist/king Jason Munn (which by the way I should thank my boy, Ryan Buzby, for really turning me on to him, I had seen Jason’s stuff on ffffound many times before, but Ryan was the one to put the name to the work, so thanks man!) You have most likely seen his stuff and might not have known but this guy is so amazing, he mainly does gig posters and they are just so simple and so elegant, a true king.

Anyway, The silhouette print is 2 colors (on 4 different colored papers), 19.5″ x 12.75″ (I know weird size) and it’s an edition of 7 and will be for sale for $10 at the show so come out and nab one!


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