Masthead: Public School Show

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

This past Saturday we had our show at Masthead and it was a decent turn out. There we’re some really awesome pieces. Just a lot of great artists doing great work together! Toro, JP Flexner, Brad Haubrich, Shawn Hileman, Adam Smith, Robb Leef, Jason & Brianna (Brainstorm) and many many other AWESOME peeps. There will be a closing, so if you missed this you’ll have to come out and check it out. I’ll post when I have more info about the closing.

So like I had mentioned a million times before we got to work with Robb Leef, and let me tell you, this dude is the king of making amazing little packages. A few days before the show he was like, “Yeah, i’ll just design a little box that we can put them in.” and I was like “ummmmmm, okay?” not knowing at all how he was going to pull that off in less than 48 hours, but MAN, did he pull through. The little boxes came out AMAZING and I was in love with the red and gold one. We printed, cut, and “magnetized” an absurd amount of words to put in these little packages, to have a nice set of “designed” magnetic poetry for your refrigerator.

We kept a set out for people to mess with during the show and some pretty interesting sentences came about throughout the night. My personal favorite being, “Y’all in?” All-in-all it was a great time, per usual, and I really love the Masthead space, it’s a really nice place and its got the bonus of Honey’s being right across the street.


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