Walking Through New York and Running Into Yis, Maxine, and Courtney Weekends

February 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

This Sunday I ventured up to New York with Casey to help out while she took some engagement photos for Max and Lindsay, they were such great people and I wish them the best of luck!

We heard that it was supposed to be real inclement weather up there so I didn’t bring any of my pasting stuff to save the hassle of lugging it around and what do you know, it was a GORGEOUS DAY, I was kicking myself in my head, but it’s a lesson learned; never take a trip into a city without your posters and never believe the weather (wo)man.

Anyway, by no means do I consider myself a photographer but I do like to take pictures of buildings, architecture, and anything that has some unique lighting going on. It may not be very interesting to look at but I love to take them. We walked all around the city from 12 – 6 and it was just a beautiful day, I saw TONS of new street art that I hadn’t seen before in my previous visits, stuff by; Space Invader, Alec Monopoly, Shepard Fairey, Skull Phone, and a bunch of little pastes and tags. I love seeing stuff like that in person and really being able to experience it how it is meant to be seen. I was walking by the giant mural on Houston St. and I was just minding my own business when I ran into Yis Goodwin (NoseGo), Maxine, and Courtney Brown, I literally let out a yelp and skipped into Yis’ arms. I knew that they were going to be up there but to run into them on the street was UNREAL. It was so nice to see their familiar faces in such a gigantic city.

As our trek continued, we found ourselves on the Brooklyn Bridge, in which I have never been on in my life. So, you KNOW I had to snap the most generic shot of the bridge that billions of people have, but, you know, it’s good to have one on YOUR camera, one that you can claim as your own. We went to a pizza place on the water called Grimaldis and it was simply one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had in my life. So if you find yourself in Brooklyn, head over there and start drooling, that shit is delicious.

Like I said, it was a beautiful day and I had a great time with some good people. It made me realize that you really need to take advantage of stuff like that. Just try to have the best time while you can.

A little side note: I was recently informed that our mural at 4th & Reno got a little tagged up/tore down or something along those lines. I figured it might happen eventually, and I’m not taking any offense SO I figured we could do a brand new one! And what better way to re-do something than to do it BETTER. I contacted Yis and wanted to see if he was interested in collabing because we had talked about it for some time and now we finally got the opportunity. I am beyond excited to get out there and get something up, so I worked on a few patterns this weekend and this one is the one that I’m most interested in. I’m very excited to see what else we come up with, it’s going to be pretty rad. Keep your eyes out for it within the next few months.


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