Wheatpasting Weekends: “My idea of success? Beer for breakfast hotdogs for dinner.”

May 8, 2011 § 5 Comments

Close to a year ago we got the opportunity to do our first “legal” wall at 4th and Reno. As time passed it started to peel and people were tagging and posting over it so we decided to go out and and give the space a face lift, only this time we collaborated with our good friend NoseGo. When we got there we had to spend some time scraping down the old piece, which took a bit longer than I had expected, but the new stuff seemed to go up much faster than I had expected. Big thanks to Marc Dewechter for bringing the ladder and helping out with the pasting. We were just hanging out for a bit coming up with more inside jokes that any one person could handle, then Yis came out and worked his magic. I had never seen him work before but it was pretty amazing, he just came out took a few looks at the wall, asked what I thought, then went to town. Truly amazing.

The actual piece was inspired by Yis as well. We tend to refer to him as the king because of his sheer talent and amazingly positive attitude so we wanted to make something pertaining to that, hence the crown and the tapestry-esque ribbons. Yis is also very active on twitter and one day he tweeted “Inspire & be Inspired” and I felt that that saying was perfect for this mural. I wanted people to look at it and just feel happy or pleased, the HELP piece that was there was also meant to inspire but was kinda dark and a little foreboding so I wanted to make something a bit more colorful and pleasant.

It was so good to get out there and spend the day with friends and make some great art in the process. I just wanted to say thanks to Kurt for always being the raddest dude and providing such a great space for us and thanks again to Yis, it’s now in writing, you’re the king.

Also, we got to hang out with Copper for quite some time, popping his head in and out of his hole in the wall and barking at anything that moved relatively quickly. Nice dog.


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§ 5 Responses to Wheatpasting Weekends: “My idea of success? Beer for breakfast hotdogs for dinner.”

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