Do Ask, Do Tell

May 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Like I have mentioned before, I don’t tend to post Star work on here but when cool opportunities arise I like to share them. I met with a few guys that were arranging this event for people to come out and meet a man by the name of Patrick Murphy, who is running for Pennsylvania Attorney General. He was one of the congressmen who pushed through the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. It’s a great event that really gives people the chance to get to know Patrick and voice their suggestions as to how he could help. So if you’re in NY and are looking to ask some political questions, shoot the guys on the bottom of this poster an email and ask how to get involved.

As for creatively, I’ve been dying to make a woodblock print/ letterpress-esque poster for quite some time. I’ve been messing with textures and other little tricks to give it a real “inky” feel, like it was actually printed. I’m still learning, but getting there. Also, this is another example of how diverse hoefler & frere jones’ typeface knockout really is. This poster is mostly knockout with a few hints of Brothers (to give it a bit of a classic feel).


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