Wheatpasting Weekends: The View From My Doorstep.

May 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

So this will be my last wheatpasting weekends from NJ, I’m moving to Philly tomorrow and I am pretty pumped for all the new opportunities and fun that will ensue.

When I moved into my current apartment I saw this abandoned building and was determined to do a piece on it, I even went and measured all the panels but just never got around to doing it. Then one day that random JaJaJa flower showed up and taunted me. So that was the kick in the butt to just go do it. I rummaged through the posters that I already had taped and ready to go and the skull just felt like a perfect fit for me leaving and starting something new somewhere else.

I am so excited to not walk into an apartment with a squeaky front door, to not hear the yappy-ass dog upstairs bark and run around every morning from 7AM- 9AM or anytime the door opened in general, to not hear my hippo of a neighbor tumble up and down the stairs at every random hour of the day/night, to not hear her shower at all hours of the night, to not see the drug dealer that lives 2 doors down lingering in front of my apartment and list Michael Jackson albums, to not hear sirens every single night, to not hear a train rumble through, what sounded like my living room, every other night at 11:30 blasting its horn in 2 second intervals. This apartment was extremely convenient for my commute to work, but now it’s time to go, see ya never Sommerdale.




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