Masthead Studios: Propaganda Show

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I try to veer away from Political Art because of it’s heavy meanings and one-sidedness but when Shawn from Masthead approached me about doing a piece for the propaganda show I was pleased to jump in. You would think that because of my already propaganda style Nom Now stuff that it would be a breeze, but it definitely wasn’t. I over thought every single thing that I made, specifically because it was supposed to be propaganda. I made a piece a longggg time ago for a game of skate in a basement in Camden that used this vector bomb, so I decided to repurpose it for this.

Many meanings can be brought up from this piece, because it’s a newspaper, it’s a WWII reference, it’s a Bomb with Fat Man and USA written on it with a dollar sign in the middle, I don’t know what it really is. But my main point was to just bring up some questions in the viewer. Because when you talk to most uneducated people about the war in Iraq/Afganistan/The Entire Globe, those people usually respond with “Just drop a bomb on em, that’ll solve the problem…We did it before” and I don’t think they understand how dumb they sound. Yes we did it before, and I guess we forgot about the massive devastation it caused along with millions of dollars of damage. Yes, I am aware of Pearl Harbor and that those Bombs were a means to an end.  To be clear, I am no hippie that is opposing war(s) I just think that we could consider things a bit more before we make a move. I know that I am just a kid sitting at a desk writing on my computer but that’s exactly what is starting these uprisings now-a-days, kids at desks writing on computers! This piece isn’t meant to spur you to join the Army, this piece is just meant to leave a stark image in your memory, just 1 bomb that can mean a million different things to a million different people.

P.S. I will be screen printing this bad boy for the show sometime next week, so I will update this post with real pictures soon.


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