DesignPhiladelphia Poster Project

September 15, 2011 § 9 Comments

Nick Kulick

Mike Smyjewski

Matt Goold

The Nom guys and I got the awesome opportunity to work with DesignPhiladelphia and make some posters to promote their 2011 Celebration event coming up in October (13th – 23rd). Also, a big thanks to Jackie Starker for reaching out and making this happen.

We were given DesignPhiladelphia’s misson statement and basically told to have at it and do whatever we liked, which always amounts to awesome work. So I met up with Matt and discussed a few ideas and tinkered around a bit in illustrator then came to settle on the idea that we wanted to portray all the things that they were aiming to achieve in their mission statement; Education, Innovate, Participate, Network & Discover.

All-in-all I think that the series came out great, we were aiming for a uniform (Nom Now-ish) look with our own twist on each word. I can’t speak for the other guys but I wanted to take my poster in a direction/style that was new and a little different than all my other work. I ended up making the poster for Network with the two “talking” heads. I have been a huge RVCA fan for years and have always admired the Art of Ed Templeton and the other Beautiful Losers guys/girls so this was my nod to them and their greatness. I wanted to make something that could be easily read and still not be super generic, so I popped the tops of their heads off and had the Q & A coming out to meet up at the Design Philadelphia logo to represent that this event that they are hosting can provide some answers and the opportunity to connect with people/professionals/places that they otherwise would not have had the chance/reason to talk/go to.

They should be posted in and around Center City shops/Schools throughout the week, so keep an eye out and definitely come out for the event itself! Here’s a link to the event on Facebook DesignPhiladelphia 2011 Celebration. See ya out there.

(Sidenote) Expect some kind of sort of related paste coming up this weekend! PuMpEd.


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