The Black Swan

September 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is the first NEW graphic I’ve pasted in months and I must say it feels good to be at it again. This paste was inspired by the Design Philadelphia poster project that I posted about a few days ago. This graphic was the Black Swan of the bunch and didn’t make the final cut (see below) but I felt that there was something more to it. I didn’t want to just let it slip away, so I repurposed it for good ol’ Nom Now. The idea is to suggest growth, literally and figuratively and I feel like tying this with Nom Now is perfect because if you go all the way back to my first post on this blog you would probably laugh and/or cry at what I seriously thought was good/cool (It was farrrr from it). But that’s what happens with “growth”, you need to take those steps and you need to start somewhere, but like a vine, you should never stop growing, you should constantly reach up for more.

Another reason that this paste went up was to support the Wheatpaste Your Heart Out Art Show that is coming up. Click the link to watch the video and learn more, they can explain it much better than I can. But I wanted to get in on this opportunity with something new and exciting as well as putting up some older pieces that you’ll see soon. So keep your eye out on any plain ply wood panels you see around the city, they may just become some beautiful canvases very soon.

P.S. Take the time to click the Top photo and read all the words/phrases at the top of the building, you’ll get a kick out of it, promise.


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