Penmanship Show

October 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last night I had the amazing opportunity  to be in The Penmanship Show at Vox gallery for the opening night of the DesignPhiladelphia festivities. The collection of extremely talented designers/artists involved was huge and each one had their own creative spin on a somewhat rough theme. The best part about this show was I got to meet most of the people that I “knew” from “The Internet” (Dribbble, Twitter, Facebook, Porfolio/Blog Stalking). But now I can finally put a face to the little icons they have as their twitter/dribbble pictures.

Like I mentioned before, “Penmanship” was not an easy theme to handle. After sitting on 1,000 bad ideas and scribbles I decided to go with something I knew from a previous project about Baskerville. It’s one of the only old(transitional) style serifs that I love, the others just kinda fall into the same kind of look and feeling to me. Anyway, I did a project on John Baskerville way back and knew a bit about him and his penmanship. After brushing up my knowledge on the Baskerville Wiki I came across this paragraph which stood out to me,

Baskerville’s typeface was the culmination of a larger series of experiments to improve legibility which also included paper making and ink manufacturing. The result was a typeface that reflected Baskerville’s ideals of perfection, where he chose simplicity and quiet refinement. His background as a writing master is evident in the distinctive swash tail on the uppercase Q and in the cursive serifs in the Baskerville Italic. The refined feeling of the typeface makes it an excellent choice to convey dignity and tradition.”

So I took the Bold Q and dressed it up a bit and tossed a crown on it. The crown atop the Q is there because 1.) Because I wanted to pay respects to one of the “Kings” of typeface design 2.) I Love Crowns, Shields, and Royalty things just like everyone else right now. So, sorry if you were at the show and were like “WTF does this Q mean…I hate this.” Now you know what it means/meant.

Again, it was so great meeting new friends and catching up with old friends we all need to get together again in a room that is not 1,000º and talk about design things and life. I also just wanted to send and extended thanks to Dan, Mikey, & Elysse for even thinking of me for this show, I genuinely appreciate it.

(Please excuse the shitty iPhone photo)


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