Streets Dept Street Art Show

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I mentioned in my Tee Shirt Post, I was lucky enough to be in the Streets Dept show last weekend. It had been awhile since I made some new “street art” stuff so I decided to make some new pieces specifically for this show. I ended up putting a new twist on an old idea, utilizing the “Realize » Create » Beautify” tagline. I wanted to convey each of the words without actually using them, so I made a few simple graphics. The letters in the shields signify which word is being represented and the numbers on the right hand side show where it falls in the series of the 3 words. Plain and simple. Straight to the point.

It was a great show, all of the other work was nothing short of amazing, and I got to meet a few new friends! The show will be up for about two weeks so head on over there to see everything for yourself! For some more photos of the actual event, click here and here (Thanks Damon & Conrad)

Big thanks to Conrad for asking Nom Now to be in this shin dig, I had a great time and it helped motivate me to make some new stuff!.

Keep your “eye” out for some of these around town I have some plans for a few.


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