Steven Powers: A Love Letter for You Tour Jawn

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I figured this was appropriate for the Valentinesers out there.

I had been meaning to go on the A Love Letter for You tour for close to a year now. I even won tickets from Phrequency to see the movie but I never got around to just getting up and getting out there, I guess I just didn’t know exactly where they were. Last weekend, I said fuck it and paid to go on the tour. Bad Idea. The tour itself is not worth the money you drop on it, you whiz by most of the murals and miss a majority of them. SO, what I did, is I went back out there on my own, got off the El and walked it. These murals are AMAZING to see in person and every single one is somehow tied to the building that it is on. Everything is super considered and has a little story. They are starting to fade a bit which is nice in a way because you can feel how personal the pieces are, they aren’t painted on some primer-ed wall with paint that will last longer than our life time. It’s just spray paint on a wall just like any other artist out there.

Anyway, like I said I walked out there on my own and really enjoyed it. See Me Like Beautiful I See You is one of my all time favorites and it was something else seeing it in person, you can look at pictures online all day, but you’ll never get the real experience until you see on the side of a wall towering over you. I would HIGHLY recommend doing it to anyone visiting or just anyone that is interested. You pay 2 bucks to get out there on the Market-Frankford line, take it to 52nd street, get off and walk towards the city, cross the street turn around go back to the station, pay 2 bucks to go home. $4 to see some truly inspiring pieces, from a truly inspiring person. Get out there sooner rather than later before they fade too much.


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