Everything in Excess

March 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

This was a piece that I put together for the Everything in Excess show tonight at Masthead Print Studio. I could go into some crazy deep meaning about all the icons/phrases on this piece but I would totally be lying. Shawn had asked me to put together a paste for the show and I really had no idea what to do so with the help of Julie Frey we gathered up all the unused icons that were floating around in our illustrator documents and threw them into one 4′ x 8′ piece. There are a few gems in there like; Ass-N-Titties, Skate-or-Die, all the classics.

I’d also like to say that I had a great time making it, but that’s not totally true either. At one point, I honestly thought there was no way that this thing was going to get done on time, but after 3 late nights it all worked out and I think it came out pretty cool. It’s definitely not what I had planned for the piece but ya win some and ya lose some. I don’t know if I would consider this a loss or not we’ll see.

Also, I made an iPhone version, you can download the Lock Screen here & Home Screen here. Give it a whirl why dontcha’.


Work in Progress: Menu Madness

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I usually don’t post things that I am in the middle of working on but there’s a first time for everything. I have been working with a client branding her restaurant called Hip City Veg for a few months now. It’s an all vegetarian fast food joint that is opening up in Rittenhouse sooner rather than later. She had first brought me on to design the logo and then reached out again to help out with the menu. I was more than pumped to take this on because the only other time that I had the chance to design a menu was in my undergrad days where you mock up one menu and then bull shit your way through a crit about how it works and why you chose this color or that color and it’s all fake. This was really exciting to know that people are actually going to be holding and interacting with these menus. So I wanted to make them as enticing as possible, something that screamed to be opened, that’s why I went for this gate fold jam. You usually don’t see things like this in fast food joints because 1. they’re expensive and 2. most people are looking to order and get out of there almost immediately. But I wanted to change that a bit. I wanted people to take time with this menu and pick what they REALLY wanted to eat. Anyway, this is just a mock up and I’m sure i’ll update the site once the real ones are out the door. Keep your eye out for this exciting new place, it’s going to be a really really beautiful place with some really good vegetarian food.

Also, over the weekend I found out that the B3Ar FRUIT sugar skull shirt that I designed a few months ago is now being sold at Zumiez all over the U.S. Check it out here  or pop into your local Zumiez to grab it. See if you can spot the little Nom Now logos on it ;).

Steven Powers: A Love Letter for You Tour Jawn

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I figured this was appropriate for the Valentinesers out there.

I had been meaning to go on the A Love Letter for You tour for close to a year now. I even won tickets from Phrequency to see the movie but I never got around to just getting up and getting out there, I guess I just didn’t know exactly where they were. Last weekend, I said fuck it and paid to go on the tour. Bad Idea. The tour itself is not worth the money you drop on it, you whiz by most of the murals and miss a majority of them. SO, what I did, is I went back out there on my own, got off the El and walked it. These murals are AMAZING to see in person and every single one is somehow tied to the building that it is on. Everything is super considered and has a little story. They are starting to fade a bit which is nice in a way because you can feel how personal the pieces are, they aren’t painted on some primer-ed wall with paint that will last longer than our life time. It’s just spray paint on a wall just like any other artist out there.

Anyway, like I said I walked out there on my own and really enjoyed it. See Me Like Beautiful I See You is one of my all time favorites and it was something else seeing it in person, you can look at pictures online all day, but you’ll never get the real experience until you see on the side of a wall towering over you. I would HIGHLY recommend doing it to anyone visiting or just anyone that is interested. You pay 2 bucks to get out there on the Market-Frankford line, take it to 52nd street, get off and walk towards the city, cross the street turn around go back to the station, pay 2 bucks to go home. $4 to see some truly inspiring pieces, from a truly inspiring person. Get out there sooner rather than later before they fade too much.

Wheatpasting Wednesdays: Photographer Friends!

February 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you live in Northern Liberties you’ve definitely seen this wall on 2nd and Laurel. Shepard Fairey pasted a giant Andre there about 2 years ago, after that it became “The Place to Paste” everyone and their brother was getting up on there including myself. Over time, it got more and more cluttered and eventually just got to be too much. I would drive by and just get so sad to see all of these tiny 8.5 x 11 posters haphazardly placed all over every thing with no “real” purpose. So after awhile I decided I was going to put up something huge to give the wall some breathing room again.

I was fortunate enough to have my friends Pat Furey, Chris Loupos, and Rebecca come along for the ride and document some of the process so these pictures are from them. Amazing amounts of talent coming out of those individuals, it was super inspiring spending the day with them talking about photo stuff that I barely understand. Thanks so much guys! Couldn’t have almost got caught without you.

Check out their sites here (Pat) and here (Chris)

Studio Sweet Studio: Honor Roll

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Christ, well I’ve been insanely busy for the past few months and now I’m back with this little treat. A little while ago Meg Lewis emailed me and asked if I would like to be a contributing writer for Studio Sweet Studio and I was more than pumped to take on this great opportunity. But I had to come up with an idea, a purpose, a method to the madness and I had NO IDEA what to do. I tinkered around with the thought of interviewing designers strictly on their inspiration and/or color palettes but I felt it didn’t have enough substance. I wanted to write something that people looked forward to reading or contributing to. I brainstormed with Matt Goold for a bit coming up with a bunch of concepts and possible names and we came up with Honor Roll. The whole premise is to focus on undergraduate designers and really give them a chance to get their work out into the design community. Here’s a brief elevator pitch I wrote in the very beginning:

This Honor Roll section was made to shine the light on the younger talent out there in the design community. When I was in school, I was reading blogs every day and stalking the shit out of all the heavy hitter designers never thinking that anyone would ever want to write about me because I was just some kid in school. But now that I am out, I look around at some of the portfolio sites that kids are putting up and I am just blown away by the work coming out of these undergrads. So I wanted to start this for those kids that are working their asses off and give them some recognition for the blood and tears that they are putting in.

I want it to be a great place for other younger designers to see work that their peers are putting out. A place where they could get inspired and connect with other amazing students. And also a place where people looking to hire bright and fresh designers right out of school could go to see the cream of the crop. So if you think that you or someone you know would be a great candidate? Send me an e-mail!!

Click here to see the first post about my pal Ray Ureña!!

Random Goods

December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

So I have two random little bits here that don’t really fall into any particular place, so here they are in their own post.

First, I got this awesome stamp in last weekend BUT I forgot to order an ink pad with it so I had to wait an extra week till I could start stamping everything and anything. A few people had asked me where I ordered it from, and so the answer to that is Rubberstamps.net. Their site kind of sucks and seems a little shady but their prices are cheap, their turn around is unbelievably fast, their upload process was almost too easy and I was highly impressed with the quality. I would totally recommend these guys to anyone looking to get a stamp made.

Second, is an iPhone App that I helped design. My friend, Jake Chusid, had designed this app almost 2 years ago; he got the basic gist down then but he asked me to step in and kind of revamp the graphics from there. Over the Summer, we worked together to get this thing up and running, and now it’s finally available to download in the app store! So if you’re looking for a dentist in your area, give this app a whirl.

I was excited to give this a shot because it was completely new to me and, design-wise, what they were looking for was a little out of my comfort zone. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well. The type gets a little small in some places but it still works. Above are two screen shots of my favorite little snippets of it. I had so much fun making that tooth diagram, so it was cool to see it on my phone in real life moving and interacting with the other teeth diagrams. It’s no Catball, but it was pretty neat to work in this different format.

You Can Change Tomorrow…Again.

November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

I put up the original You Can Change Tomorrow on May 22nd of 2010 and it had lasted, for the most part, this whole time! I was semi-blown away that this piece stayed up for that long or at all. But in a years time people tagged on it and wrote things like Fuck My Cock, Legit, and all the other classics. I figured it was time for a revamp. So I thought about it for awhile and I thought about possibly doing a different message, I tinkered around with “Inspire the Tired” but I wasn’t feeling quite………..inspired. I decided that I would just try to update what was already there “You can change tomorrow” it’s a simple and bold personal statement. It’s just a little reminder that if you aren’t too happy with the situation you’re in, then, you’re the only one who can get yourself out of it. No one else is going to come in and save the day, especially not in these times.

For the design I wanted to go mostly black that way people would have a harder time tagging on it. So the average Joe with his black “Fuck my cock” sharpie can simply go write on something else. But mainly, I wanted to make something that felt like an old friendly store front, a barber shop, a bakery or something along those lines. Something Classic feeling. I used to mess around with flourishes back in the day but was never too good at making them look cool/right so I figured I’d give it another shot and this is what I ended up with.

I also made it in a Desktop background format as well as an iPhone Lock and Home screen.

Download the Desktop version here & the iPhone version here & here

Also, big thanks to Mike D. for coming out and helping me scrape down the old jawn and toss up the new guy, couldn’t have done it without ya man. But here’s to this one staying up for another year plus, I really love that spot and hope to continue making it a little more meaningful than just a tagged up glass window. It’s just such a beautiful building and such a prime space I feel like I’d be sad if I walked by it and there was nothing posted there.